S: Church of Sweden pastoral helplines are open

0 by / on 2010/12/22, 00:00 / in Sweden

Every night. All year round. Free. Confidential. The pastoral helpline and Finnish telephone support services within the Church of Sweden are available whenever anyone needs someone to talk to. This weekend is no different. The Sami crisis network tele…

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S: Archbishop visits Christians in China

0 by / on 2010/11/03, 00:00 / in Sweden

From 4-14 November Church of Sweden Archbishop Anders Wejryd, together with a delegation (see below), will visit Hong Kong and mainland China. The visit is part of the exchange programme with the Protestant Church in ChinaThe visit of the delegation wi…

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S: Roma situation prompts General Synod statement

0 by / on 2010/10/29, 00:00 / in Sweden

The General Synod of the Church of Sweden is in session this week in Uppsala in the Church year that has social responsibility as its theme. The General Synod would particularly like to highlight the plight of the Roma by issuing the following statemen…

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S: Church of Sweden cultural grants 2010

0 by / on 2010/10/27, 00:00 / in Sweden

Every year the Church of Sweden awards 500,000 SEK to innovative art projects about existential issues. Coming to terms with a father’s actions and the vulnerability of the young are recurrent themes among this year’s six recipients. The grants will …

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S: Al Gore visits Church of Sweden

0 by / on 2010/10/26, 00:00 / in Sweden

Al Gore, the former vice president of the USA and one of the founders of the Generation Investment Management Fund, today visited the Church of Sweden at national level. The Church of Sweden has been investing in the fund, combining economic profitabil…

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S/EUR: Neue Kirche in Schweden: Zentralkonferenz gibt grünes Licht

0 by / on 2010/10/16, 00:00 / in Sweden

Die EmK in Schweden kann sich mit der Baptistischen Kirche und der Vereinigten Missionskirche zu einer neuen Kirche vereinigen.Dazu hat jetzt die EmK-Zentralkonferenz Nordeuropa und Eurasien grünes Licht gegeben. Mit großer Mehrheit stimmten…

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S: Refurbishment of more churches performing wedding ceremonies

0 by / on 2010/06/23, 00:00 / in Sweden

The Central Board of the Church of Sweden today decided to distribute ecclesiastical heritage grant funding of SEK 453.3 million to the dioceses. This means that many large and small churches performing marriage services throughout the country may be r…

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S: Increase in pilgrimages

0 by / on 2010/06/14, 00:00 / in Sweden

How do you undertake a pilgrimage? What does being a pilgrim mean? What routes can you take? What do all the symbols mean, such as the staff and the hat? You can find these answers by going to www.svenskakyrkan.se/pilgrim, where you will also find prac…

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S: Formation of a Swedish Interfaith Council

0 by / on 2010/05/06, 00:00 / in Sweden

On the initiative of Archbishop Anders Wejryd a meeting was held at the Archbishop’s Residence in Uppsala on the evening of 4 May 2010 to form a Swedish Interfaith Council. The Council will consist of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Bahaist, Sikh…

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S/World: Swedish and South African clergy say military deal undermines democracy

0 by / on 2010/03/29, 00:00 / in Sweden

South African and Swedish church leaders have reiterated grave concerns that a 10-year-old arms deal that involved Sweden with South Africa threatens the fledgling African democracy – writes Munyaradzi Makoni. The deal to sell armaments to South Afric…

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