EUR/PL: Summit of Youth Religious Leaders, Warsaw

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Warsaw. CC/Bartek Kuzia.

16-19 of September, 22 Young Religious Leaders representing the biggest European youth organizations of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Zoroastrian faiths, will meet in Warsaw, for a 3-day summit and training, pledging for multi-religious cooperation. ECRL General Secretary, Stein Villumstad will also participate in the EIYN youth summit.

Young Religious Leaders from across Europe, will meet in Warsaw, pledging for multi-religious cooperation as an answer to challenges of multiculturalism/migration and critical issues troubling peace, welfare and coexistence in Europe.

As several European leaders have recently declared the failure of multiculturalism in Europe, the violent attacks in Norway have too shown an extreme assault on Europe’s immigrant culture. Furthermore, the growing economic crisis Europe faces has aggravated hostility towards outsiders. Young leaders representing faith communities will try to develop a common strategy, based on multi-religious cooperation that could serve as an answer to the challenges of multiculturalism/migration. They will discuss how religions can play a positive role in building more inclusive societies in Europe and how multiculturalism can help societies thrive. There is a rising need for young religious leaders to take a stand and take actions against current developments and policies leading to radicalization and violence.

Apart from participating in sessions led by international experts in the field of interfaith and ethnic coexistence, multiculturalism, migration, refugees and the Arab Spring, the young leaders will also be trained in developing advocacy skills: utilizing mass media for advocating for a social cause, running an advocacy campaign on social media, lobbying politicians, employing possible legal procedures and approaches that could help promote interfaith causes. In addition, the young leaders will be trained in mediation skills, namely, mediation as a mode of resolving intercultural conflicts.

The Warsaw youth summit is organized by Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP, EIYN). EIYN serves as a platform aimed at bringing together youth organizations and young individuals from all religions present in Europe, advancing common action for peace.