PL/World: Polish Lutherans fundraise for Japan

 PL/World: Polish Lutherans fundraise for Japan

Bishop Jerzy Samiec, CC/Qasinka

epnn – “Moved by the misery of people so tragically affected by the earthquake and tsunami”, the Lutheran Church in Poland introduced a fundraise campaign in favour of the residents of north-eastern Japan. “Until now we are talking about eight thousand people who died as a result of this disaster. This number is – unfortunately – increasing every day”, Bishop Jerzy Samiec of the Lutheran Church in Poland was cited in a press release.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Japan urgently appealed to the foreign sister churches to mitigate the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, writing: “Please, God’s peace and mercy to all the victims. We express our solidarity with all people who lost family and homes, doomed to sorrow and anxiety. Our deep prayer is that God gives them hope and will to live, so they can rebuild their life as soon as possible. ”

“Our sisters and brothers in Japan asked us to pray and support this mission”, Lutheran Diaconia President Ryszard Bogusz said, calling church members to donate to the Churches’ Diaconia account, providing the note “Support for Japan”.

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