S: Per Eckerdal new bishop of the diocese of Gothenburg

eckerdal per S: Per Eckerdal new bishop of the diocese of Gothenburg

Per Eckerdal, Church of Sweden/Kristin Lidell, www.svenskakyrkan.se

epnn – Per Eckerdal, Executive Chairman of Swedish Bräcke Diaconess, was elected to become Bishop of Church of Sweden’s Gothenburg Diocese. Eckerdal received the most votes in the second round of the episcopal election, Church of Sweden writes. He won with 679 votes while his rival candidate Staffan Grenstedt received 488 provisional votes. With yesterdays result Eckerdal outdistanced Grenstedt, who won the first election on March 15 with 352 votes over Eckerdal with 336.

Per Eckerdal was born 1951 in Gothenburg. He was ordained in 1975 and became a doctor of theology in 1992. 1990 he became Director of Bräcke diaconess, since 2008 he serves as Executive Chairman. Bräcke Deaconess provides non-profit care and health care, care for the elderly and for functional disabilities. The company has about 900 employees in several locations in Sweden. Per Eckerdal is also chairman of Famna, the Swedish trade association for non-profit health and social care.

Per Eckerdal will be ordained as bishop in Uppsala Cathedral on September 4 and received as a bishop in Gothenburg Cathedral on September 10.